padės organiškai augti klientų ratui ir pagerinti savo paslaugas.


Skelbkite apie paslaugas ir pasiūlymus realiu laiku

Kurkite paslaugas, pasiūlymus ar kampanijas, kurios bus iškart matomos potencialiems klientams, esantiems netoli jūsų. Skelbkite pasiūlymus savo pasirinktu laiku bei intervalais. Pasitelkite kūrybą - geriausuraskite pridėtinės vertės paslaugai nei taikykite nuolaidas.

Pavyzdžiui - paskelbkite viliojantį pasiūlymą ne piko valandomis, kad priktrauktumėte naujų klientų.

VIP poilsio erdvės bilietas

Jūsų viešbutis
funkcija (jau greitai)

Create events and workshops

Bring people together with fulfilling workshops and events that fit your style. Sell tickets without third parties or commissions and take advantage of additional revenue streams.

By being part of the community, you’re connecting with customers in a more meaningful way!

Three course cooking with our Chef

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pasiūlymo pavyzdys

Create new services

Your hotel has a unique character and way of doing things. Create new services and experiences, and in return you will attract new clients, build a brand, and better utilise assets.

For example, offer a 'daycation' service including spa, lunch, and room for locals to book and relax during a busy work week.

Vienadienės atostogos

Jūsų viešbutis

Optimise spaces and facilities

List your gym, studio, spa, and pool facilities for existing guests and new customers to book in the Frend app. Allow for feedback and reviews of your facilities in order to improve services and maintenance.

Facility booking has never been easier!

Stretch & Restore Class

Your Fitness Center

Target travellers

It’s important to consider potential international customers who don’t understand your offerings. Translate your services and offerings to ensure your international visibility from your local language to English.

Add other languages based on your needs.

Уутренняя йога

Your Fitness Center

Don't leave it to chance

Remember to invite your customers to follow you on Frend so they always know what's going on in your hotel!

Guests are notified when you have a new exciting offer or interesting event: it's never been easier to keep in touch with your customers and for your customers to keep in touch with you.

Идеальный завтрак

Your Restaurant

Our easy-to-use application makes it all possible and is only limited by your creativity

Why are we developing the platform...

Brick and mortar shops are central to our living environment and are a big part of our lives. We don’t see why these businesses should be competing for attention on social media and online only to prove they exist while customers are just around the corner.

Frend is a community-first platform for brick and mortar businesses to improve their products and service in order to drive organic reach. By focusing locally and allowing businesses to publish services, offers and events multilingually in one direct channel to customers, we not only help locals discover services but also international visitors finally have a solution to quickly access real-time information. By going local, we are global!

As consumers ourselves, we are burdened by unsolicited advertisements from all marketing channels on a daily basis. Frend is bringing back the right to choose when and how we are engaged by advertising efforts in a transparent way. With the right channel, good products and services will sell themselves.