...for bars & clubs

Helps you grow organic customer base and improve your services.


Publish service and offers in realtime

Instantly create promotions or campaigns that are immediately visible to potential customers in your area. Target offers at a time of your choice, from hours to months. Be creative, invent value for services and products instead of discounts.

Happy hour with cheese and wine

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Create events and workshops

Now you can invite customers who are interested in cooking or baking to your cafe. By organizing events and workshops in the quiet moments of the day or the closing hours, you have the opportunity to offer your customers relaxing moments in a cozy environment!

Connect with your customers with Frend to create community around your services.
Sell tickets without third parties or commissions

Local band night

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Create new services

Your venue has a unique character and atmosphere. Create new services and experiences, and in return you will attract new clients, build a brand, and better utilise assets.

For example, share your expertise with the wider community by offering artisan classes for locals to discover, book, and tell their friends about.

The art of cocktail class

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Optimise spaces and facilities

Be there for your community by providing opportunities for them to arrange social gatherings or celebrate important moments in life.

Allow VIP rooms, terraces, roof tops, tables or other facilities to be rented during downtime or for private events.

Frend is also equipped with a traditional table reservation for thirsty guests. They can also order drinks and food in advance at the time of booking.

Private party from 6 - 9 pm

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Target travellers

It is also important to consider international customers who do not understand your offerings. Translate your services, products and offers into English for international visibility. Also add Russian, Chinese or any other language as needed.

Начните с вашего любимого напитка

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Don't leave it to chance

Remember to invite your customers to follow you on Frend app, so they always know what's happening in your business!

Let your customers know when you have a new exciting offer or interesting event: it has never been easier to keep in touch with your customers and customers connect with you.

Идеальный завтрак

Your Restaurant

Our easy-to-use application allows you to do all this and much more, as only your creativity is the limit.

When can I start testing it?

We are starting experimantation stage in September that will last for two months until official launch. We will notify you by email when you can register and be among the first to take advantage of this awesome platform.

Why are we developing the platform...

Brick and mortar business is an important part of the urban homo sapiens habitat. However, finding the right services is difficult because the information is neither well targeted nor real-time. In addition, companies have to compete for attention on social media and online just to prove they exist, even though customers are equally looking for the service just around the corner.

Frend is a platform that enables brick-and-mortar business to develop their products and services to meet the real-time needs of their customers and to increase the organic visibility of their services.

Consumers are burdened with daily marketing channels and their advertising. The Frend app gives you the freedom to choose when and how to receive advertising. With the right channel, good products and services sell themselves