...for hair salons

organically increase your customer base and the visibility of your services.


Publish services and offers in realtime

Instantly create services, promotions or campaigns that are immediately visible to potential customers in your area. Target offers at a time of your choice, from hours to months. Be creative, create value for services and products instead of discounts.

For example, publish an offer during off-peak hours to increase revenue and attract new customers.

Hair cut in the morning from 9-12

Your Hair Salon

Create events and workshops

Bring people together with fulfilling workshops and events that fit your style. Sell tickets without third parties or commissions and take advantage of additional revenue streams.

By being part of the community, you’re connecting with your customers in a more meaningful way!

Curly Girl method basics of the treatment

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Take advantage of an empty chair or unused time!

Hair salons incur expenses when a customer fails to show up. With Frend, there is no need to leave the chair empty.

Offer it those who are seeking your service in real time.

Cancellation time for hair dyeing

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An appointment booking system on your own terms

You can offer your customer the opportunity to pay for the service in advance, at the time of booking or on site. You decide. Assign staff to the services beforehand and track reservations, even from your phone.

Hair dying

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Develop your services

Expand your services to diversify wellness and beauty treatments.
You can offer clients the opportunity to combine additional services with the main service when booking.

Haircut and magnesium bath

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Target travellers

It is also important to consider international customers who do not understand your offerings. Translate your services, products and offers into English for international visibility.

Also add Russian, Chinese or any other language as needed.

Мужская стрижка


Don't leave it to chance

Remember to invite your customers to follow you on the Frend app so they always know what's happening in your business!

Let your customers know when you have a new exciting offer or interesting event - it has never been easier to keep in touch with your customers and for your customers to connect with you.

Идеальный завтрак

Your Restaurant

Our easy-to-use application allows you to do all this and much more, as only your creativity is the limit.

Asiakkaasi ovat lähempänä kun luuletkaan. Unohda raskas some-markkinointi ja keskity palveluidesi kehittämiseen.

Daniel Enqvist

Frend Co-Founder

Waiting for Dominic's Cuote

Dominic Rohde

Frend Co-Founder

Why are we developing the platform...

Brick and mortar shops are central to our living environment and are a big part of our lives. We don’t see why these businesses should be competing for attention on social media and online only to prove they exist while customers are just around the corner.

Frend is a community-first platform for brick and mortar businesses to improve their products and service in order to drive organic reach. By focusing locally and allowing businesses to publish services, offers and events multilingually in one direct channel to customers, we not only help locals discover services but also international visitors finally have a solution to quickly access real-time information. By going local, we are global!

As consumers ourselves, we are burdened by unsolicited advertisements from all marketing channels on a daily basis. Frend is bringing back the right to choose when and how we are engaged by advertising efforts in a transparent way. With the right channel, good products and services will sell themselves.