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Welcome to the new direct channel with your customers.


Change is not easy

Why do businesses spend valuable time and resources competing for their customers' attention on the web and social media, while customers are just looking for services nearby? Existing marketing channels do not promote business visibility, are expensive and cannot be used in real time. The result is unnecessary marketing and higher service costs for consumers due to the company's unprofitable marketing efforts and expenses.


The choice is yours..

Forget about third-party commission fees or services discounting in a hope that it would bring new customers. Instead focus on your services offer them to the customer's real-time needs and develop your business service offering. Manage all your services, events, promotions and offers, or rent your retail space, within one direct channel to the customers and you're on your way to genuine customer engagement and organic customer growth. With the right channel, good products and services sell themselves.

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We want to partner with creative and authentic business managers who aspire to improve their services. Be the first to start using our platform in mid-July by subscribing to our soft launch. When registration is open you will receive an email with access to the business management panel.


Business Management setup

Register your main business and facilities important to your business. Add your services and products to the facilities for customers to either discover or purchase in the Frend application.


Connect with your customers in the right way

Help your customers to download the Frend app at you venue so that they can follow your business and keep up with evolving services, offers and campaigns.

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Talk to you soon...

Why are we developing the platform...

Brick and mortar business is an important part of the urban homo sapiens habitat. However, finding the right services is difficult because the information is neither well targeted nor real-time. In addition, companies have to compete for attention on social media and online just to prove they exist, even though customers are equally looking for the service just around the corner.

Frend is a platform that enables brick-and-mortar business to develop their products and services to meet the real-time needs of their customers and to increase the organic visibility of their services.

Consumers are burdened with daily marketing channels and their advertising. The Frend app gives you the freedom to choose when and how to receive advertising. With the right channel, good products and services sell themselves.